Why Pedestrian Bridges Always Need Bollards

Bollards help keep a variety of environments safe, including stadiums, college campuses, restaurant parking lots, hospital complexes, and warehouses among many others. Security bollards also help maintain safe pedestrian bridges. Learn what makes bollards fantastic pedestrian bridge assets that keep people coming and going out of danger.

They Protect People From Vehicular Traffic

Vehicles can get too close or crash into pedestrian bridges for any number of reasons, including mechanical failure causing the driver to lose control of the car or truck, errors resulting in incorrect vehicle operation such as backing up when the driver should be moving forward, and the driver simply failing to realize he or she is moving towards the bridge. Whatever the reason for a car accidentally trying to enter the bridge, bollards in front of the entryways prevent it from happening. They allow pedestrians and bicyclists to enter and exit a bridge easily while stopping wayward drivers.

They Drastically Improve Visibility

Things look different at night. Reduced visibility can make it challenging even for the best drivers to see a pedestrian bridge. Security bollards painted in bright or reflective colors dramatically increase visibility, especially if the pedestrian bridge is not well-lit. They let drivers know immediately to stay away to prevent injuries and accidents. Bollards and bollard caps alert drivers to the bridge’s location long before they reach it so they can make changes accordingly.

They Offer Access Control

As essential as bollards are to pedestrian bridges, there are still times when vehicles need to access it, such as during an emergency situation when paramedic teams need to reach an individual incapacitated for any reason. Emergency access is easily possible when retractable bollards are in place, as they sink down into the ground whenever it is necessary to provide access.

Vehicular access may also be necessary on a pedestrian bridge for repair reasons. Retractable bollards also apply when the bridge is closed to pedestrians but open to cars and trucks.

Don’t compromise the safety of your pedestrian bridge. Use bollards to create safer environments that reduce the accident and injury rates in your community. If the pedestrian bridge is part of a larger complex such as a college campus or hospital, have bollards installed throughout the premise to restrict access where necessary, direct traffic, and otherwise, enjoy a more secure environment.

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Published: 20 April, 2019