What Are Asset Protection Bollards?

Among the many applications bollards provide include asset protection. These bollards to avoid issues such as expensive repairs and premature replacements. Take a moment to learn what types of assets the different types of bollards protect, including high-security and low impact bollards, as well as the style options available.

Warehouse Protection

Warehouses contain a variety of assets in need of protection. Bollards placed at the corners of inventory shelves, for example, protects products and parts from too-tight forklift turns. Such turns can damage inventory making contact with the forklift, and can also shake the shelving, causing products to fall to the ground and break.

Bollards also create fence-like structures in front of expensive warehouse equipment, including forklifts. Any damage to the hulking pieces of machinery can not only result in expensive repairs and replacements, but it can also delay warehouse operations.

Retail Protection

Large commercial refrigerators in retail stores can sustain damage from customers driving electric scooters, as well as workers operating large, bulky floor cleaning machines. Rather retail assets get chipped away or deal with damage such as shattered glass that can spoil the food they contain, many store owners and managers opt for bollard protection.

Sculpture Protection

Plenty of public parks, stadium exteriors, and college campuses feature sculptures by local past. Bollards linked together with heavy metal chains deter those who would vandalize the sculptures, as well as people who want to climb them for photo opportunities. Installing bollards not only preserves the statues and sculptures themselves, but it also keeps people who would otherwise attempt to climb them safe.

Asset Bollard Styles

Both low and high-impact bollards come in numerous styles to complement brand images and landscapes. Stainless steel bollards are among the most popular options for protecting retailrefrigerators and freezers because they match the metal on the equipment. They also work outdoors; however, it is best to use 316-grade stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance.

Asset bollards also come in powder-coated options to match any color scheme and preserve the bollards themselves. Powder coating easily withstands scrapes, dings, and dents, as well as rust.

Most asset bollards come in surface-mounted varieties but can include removable mountings depending on the application.

What type of asset bollard is right for your commercial needs? Contact 1800Bollards, the internet’s premier bollard wholesaler, today to discuss your options.

Published: 19 April, 2019