The Importance Of Bollard Signage

Bollards offer a variety of uses, including directing traffic and creating barriers between vehicles and people, storefronts, and other structures. The versatile products also function as effective signage, meaning they perform two jobs at once. Learn why bollard signage is so important and how it can benefit your business or organization.

More Obvious Than Other Forms Of Signage

Bollards with assorted signs attached, such as those outlining parking rules and regulations, grab attention more than other signage options. The bollards themselves attract attention, especially when they are painted bright yellow or another bold color, while also elevating the signs. They are subsequently easier to read so visitors can note parking rules or additional regulations associated with your facility, organization, or other places of business.

Provides Easy Sign Switching

Because signs attached to bollards are not embedded in the ground, they are easy to switch out as necessary. If you need to switch signs noting changes in parking violations, loading and unloading adjustments, access changes, or for any other reason such as a special event, you can easily do so without a lot of stress or sweat. Simply attach holders to your bollards that offer easy signage switching and enjoy the results.

Offers Sturdier Sign Structures

Bollards provide a wonderfully-sturdy structure for signs to rest on. Depending on what type of bollards you use, for example high-security bollards, along with your elevated signs, they will withstand the impact of several-ton vehicles going up to 55 miles an hour. Since regular parking signs and similar signage are at the mercy of vehicles and can easily sustain serious damage, the durability bollards offer is a wonderful alternative that saves you money in sign replacements. It also helps prevent serious vehicle damage, such as shattered glass from a falling parking sign.

The Right Bollards For Your Signage Needs

Bollards made of stainless steel and concrete are typically best for installing signs since they hold up well to wayward vehicles and other impacts. Removable bollards made of lighter- weight material generally do not stay upright when signs are attached unless those signs are lighter than the bollards. If you still aren’t certain what is right for your business or what your organization needs, simply talk to your bollard distributor to enjoy a solution that helps keep your complex safe and functional. The right bollards for your business requirements are waiting for you at 1800Bollards, the premier online bollard wholesaler.

Published: 11 June, 2019