Colleges and Universities: What Areas Need Bollards The Most?

Bollards increase safety and security in a variety of commercial and industrial environments, including college and university campuses. They help students, faculty, and visiting relatives stay safe as they meander through the premises, but which areas require the most protection? Read on to find out.

Bike Lanes

Many college students don’t have cars and use their bikes to get around campus and nearby stores and restaurants. Retractable or removable bollards edging lane borders help keep these areas safe. They make it clear to drivers that these lanes are off-limits, especially those that are bright yellow or another bold hue that is easily visible from the road.

Sports Fields

Sports fields and stadiums are among the most high-traffic areas on college campuses due to practices, games, and other special events such as concerts. Fields that are near busy roads are vulnerable to traffic accidents, while stadiums have people driving around them at all hours of the day and are also vulnerable. Steel bollards and other permanent options installed deep within concrete provide the protection athletes and attendees need to feel safe as they move to and from these areas. And since stadiums often have people outside them waiting in line, bollard protection is extra essential.

Parking Lots

Parking lots are some of the most dangerous places on any college campus. Not only are they full of young drivers who only got their licenses a few years ago, but they also feature plenty of people milling around. And since drivers looking for parking spots can get easily distracted, bollards help make these areas a little less hazardous. Use them to surround parking lot perimeters, especially if they are next to busy streets or highways. If your lots feature medians for people to walk down, add bollards in front of them as well to prevent vehicular accidents and serious injuries.

Drop-Off Areas

Drop-off areas on college campuses get hectic fast. Parents can get distracted saying goodbye to their children and may not see other drivers. Bollards clearly designate drop-off areas to minimize the amount of traffic at any particular time. They create clear pedestrian and vehicle lanes to help students stay safe throughout the drop-off process, which is even more important when they are hauling luggage.

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Published: 11 June, 2019