4 Uses For Bollards At Music Festivals

Bollards come in many styles and offer a variety of uses, including those applicable to a wide variety of events. Music festivals are among the many happenings benefiting from bollard use, as they help streamline such events to make them safer and more enjoyable for everyone working and in attendance. Take a moment to consider these uses for bollards at music festivals as you plan your next big event.

Parking Lot Perimeters

Removable bollards establish parking lot perimeters on grounds that lack them. They make it
clear where people should park and help the area stay off-limits to attendees milling around.
This is especially important as each music festival day goes on and more people are likely to
be intoxicated. Removable bollards make any bit of flat ground a parking area to promote
safer music festival traffic.

Restroom Signage

Bollards perform double duty when they function as event signage. Not only do they designate certain areas, such as those for restrooms, but they also make it possible to elevate signs for everyone to read. Bollards easily handle sign holders and the signs themselves to help people know where to find restrooms. Signage also works for directing attendees to food and beverage areas, nursing areas, showers if applicable, smoking areas, VIP sections, and parking lots.

Foot Traffic Flow

Yet another way bollards benefit music festivals is by directing foot traffic in and out of the events. They establish lines for getting in with tickets and those for exiting the grounds to prevent issues from people “crashing” the events. Bollards create lines for every type of ticket holder, including general admission, will call, and VIP options so everyone knows where to go. They subsequently help avoid confusion so all attendees get into the festival quickly and easily.

Musician Rest Areas

If your music festival is completely open-air and stage space is limited, consider bollards for musician rest areas. They make it clear to attendees that these areas are off-limits or open at specific times for autograph signing and VIP meet-and-greets. They give musicians space to rest and relax so they aren’t wandering around aimlessly backstage. Use them in conjunction with other materials such as tents so musicians are not sweltering in the summer heat and subject to dehydration before they have to perform. We are the online bollard wholesaler so find the ideal bollards for your music festival today at 1800Bollards.

Published: 11 June, 2019