4 Types Of Bollards In Warehouses

Bollards offer a range of applications that keep a wide variety of commercial and public complexes and compounds safe, including warehouses. These products provide invaluable services in warehouse environments to keep employees, inventory, and equipment secure. Learn about the three main types of warehouse bollards before placing an order for your facility.

Loading Bay & Dock Bollards

Warehouse loading docks typically see numerous delivery trucks and vans every day, including those of the 16-wheeler variety. Backing large, cumbersome trucks into a loading dock bay can quickly and easily result in mishaps, such as accidentally backing into the warehouse’s exterior walls or running over any other equipment or tools that happen to be in the vehicles’ way. Some loading bays are even located beside the warehouse’s wall, causing trucks to parallel park.

Loading bay and dock bollards placed at the corners of the building protect external walls from tight turns and contact with the trucks that can cause premature wear. These embedded or bolted-down bollards feature bright paint colors and can withstand vehicular impacts to keep these potentially-dangerous areas safe.

Inventory & Equipment Protection Bollards

Flexible and permanent bollards provide interior warehouse protection from heavy machinery such as forklifts. They protect shelves of inventory from forklift operators who may not be skilled in making wide turns. Bollards also provide protective barriers that keep forklifts and other expensive machinery safe when they are not in use.

Traffic Guidance & Perimeter Security Bollards

Bollards surrounding the perimeter of a warehouse or other industrial complex provide appropriate, attractive alternatives to fencing. Security bollards capable of withstanding the impact of several-ton vehicles going up to 55 miles per hour protects the premise by ensuring vehicles enter at designated checkpoints and entryways only. These bollards often feature more engaging designs than loading dock bollards because they are part of the landscape.

Traffic guidance bollards also provide warehouses and similar complexes with help necessary for safe vehicular traffic. Removable and retractable bollards are often used for traffic guidance because they can be relocated as needed or sink down into the ground to provide access. Retractable bollards in front of a warehouse entryway, for example, go down with a flick of a button to provide emergency vehicle access.

Structural Protection Bollards

Security bollards surrounding utility meters, electrical boxes, and other inputs contribute to efficient daily operations. Vehicles crashing into any these things can cause power outages resulting in costly, frustrating delays.

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Published: 17 April, 2019