4 Questions To Ask Before Purchasing Bollards

Whether you own or manage a business or any other complex that would benefit from bollards, there are a few questions to ask before you buy. Use these frequently asked questions about these safety products to get a better idea of what you specifically need to keep your commercial space safe. Bollards come in a number of types and an even wider variety of styles.

What Are Bollards Made From?

Many bollards are made from stainless steel, such as removable and retractable versions used for guiding traffic and restricting access. These bollards offer corrosion resistance ideal for humid climates. Carbon steel is also an extremely durable material for bollards. Such bollards fall into the high-security category because they can stop vehicles upon impact. Bollards also come in ductile iron, cast steel, aluminum, concrete, and even plastic. Some are galvanized to improve their looks as well as their corrosion resistance. Also, keep in mind that custom versions are available from bollard manufacturing companies.

Will My Bollards Need Maintenance?

It depends on what material you select. Most bollards require little more than periodic pressure washing to remove dirt and grime; however, those with powder coatings typically require repainting every few years to maintain their appearance. Protective covers also keep bollards in excellent condition for longer periods of time.

What Do Crash Ratings Mean?

High-security bollards come with crash ratings, or ASTM or K-ratings that determine what kind of impacts they can withstand. Many of these bollards are capable of stopping vehicles going up to 55 miles per hour. Considering that vehicles weigh several tons, that’s quite impressive.

How Do I Improve Bollard Visibility?

Reflective coatings and bold-colored paint both increase bollard visibility, something importantin a variety of environments. Bollards used for parking lots, warehouses, hospital complexes, and stadium exteriors are among the settings calling for highly-visible security bollards to help keep pedestrians and drivers safe.

When Are Removable Bollards Best?

Removable bollards function as temporary remedies, such as those blocking pedestrian or vehicle access in a public park while work is being done. They also promote healthy traffic flow during road work or any time you need temporary fencing of sorts, such as when you are throwing a private outdoor event at a library or other usually-public space.

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Published: 18 April, 2019