3 Tips For Selecting Parking Bollards

Parking lots are notoriously dangerous. Not only are there people constantly walking around, but there are also distracted drivers trying to find a spot, backing out of their spots, and attempting to leave the lot in a hurry. One of the best ways to make these outdoor spaces safer is with bollards. If your parking lot could benefit from these versatile products, use this convenient guide to make the best decision for your business needs.

Consider Your Pedestrian Protection Needs

Look at your parking lot layout in terms of pedestrians walking around at any given time. If your lot includes a median, or a raised, sidewalk-like area running down the middle of the space that customers frequently walk on, steel pipe bollards installed deep within the concrete are among your best protective options. They withstand the shock of vehicular impacts to shield people walking by from serious if not fatal injuries.

Surround your median with bollards and consider using them around the perimeter of your parking lot as well. Lots located next to busy streets or congested intersections benefit from bollard perimeters because they prevent drivers from accidentally or intentionally driving onto the lot and potentially injuring patrons and damaging other vehicles.

Think About Access Control

Sometimes access control is necessary for parking lots, such as when a section of the lot needs repairing and is off-limits to customers. If you need access control assistance for this or any other reason, review removable and collapsible bollard options. These bollards make it clear an area is off-limits and are easy to move around as needed. Consider using flexible options to prevent serious damage to cars with drivers who may not be paying attention since they still tell the driver to slow down and stop.

Determine What Else Needs Protection

Look around your lot to determine what else will benefit from bollard protection, such as telephone lines that always seem to get bumped or your glass storefront that is vulnerable to accidental or intentional car crashes. If your parking lot includes your business’s waste receptacles, consider adding bollards to protect the area from potentially-odorous car crashes. Any large pieces of equipment also benefit from bollard protection. High-security steel bollards are generally best for all of these examples, especially storefronts and equipment areas. The right bollards for your business are waiting for you at 1800Bollards, the web’s premier bollard wholesaler.

Published: 11 June, 2019